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Letting Go of Your Former Self to Embrace Your New Beginning...

This is a place created for those who are chosen with the task to enlighten , uplift, encourage and completely change people on Earth as we have known it. There are many out here who have been chosen to help and heal those in our world. Gaia Living Magazine is a place for those who need and want enlightenment, to learn about the many topics that are featured in this magazine and for those who want to gain knowledge and understanding so that they can begin their transformations leading to ascension.

This space is created for those who want to expand their spirituality and to become one with their wholeness. If you have an innate need to help others then you definitely belong here. You have arrived here not by mistake, only because you are suppose to be here and because there is a message or some messages here that you are being guided to receive. Let not your hear be troubled for you are not alone in this journey.  We encourage you to be of good courage for this journey is emotional and even full of confusion. But just know that you are not alone and that it is important to stand and be true and know that the Divine is always with you supporting you even through the most difficult times in your lives. ~Namaste

Sonya Trippett
Owner/ Publisher