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Sometimes discussed in terms of a “mirror soul” or “soul connection”, a twin flame is the other half of your soul. It is theorized that a soul can split into two after ascending to a high frequency. Thereafter, the soul lands in two different bodies.

If you compare a twin flame vs. soulmate, it’s important to note that a soul mate is someone who is made from the same kind of energy as you, but who has never existed in fusion with you. So, although soul mate connections are highly significant, an encounter with a twin flame is on another level entirely. Usually, this will lead to romance. However, it can also manifest in the form of an intense friendship.

“We think we meet someone with our eyes. But we actually meet them with our soul” ― 

Mimi Novic

If you have a twin flame, you are fated to meet this person at some point in your life journey. The two of you will be pulled together like magnets! You will know when you’ve connected with this person because you’ll immediately experience a sense of recognition. Many people describe an uncanny sense of having known their twin flame all their lives. When you encounter the person who carries the other half of your energy, it can create a profound and life-altering sense of wholeness.

Your relationship will naturally be extremely intense because twin flames are mirrors of one another. This person will not only provide a sense of wholeness; they will also elevate your self-knowledge, including knowledge of your flaws. Consequently, there’s a potential for conflict as well as happiness. Rest assured that it is possible to have a happy, healthy relationship with your twin flame. However, this is only possible if you can learn to love yourself, as your twin flame is part of you. This love must be honest and unconditional! Otherwise, a part of you will always be driven to reject your twin flame.

Most Common Twin Flame Symptoms

While the above summary of a twin flame will help you get a general sense of what to look out for, there are also more specific indicators that you’ve encountered your other half.

The most common twin flame signs are as follows:

  • Intuitively knowing what the other person is doing, feeling, or thinking about. Plus, you find that they can detect the same things about you.

  • Sharing many of the same interests, values, hobbies, and preferences. For example, your twin flame probably has a lot of books in your favorite genre. Similarly, you likely gravitate towards the same food as well.

  • Often having the same thoughts or emotions at the same time, even if you’re in different places. When you’re together in person, this may result in you saying the same thing at almost the exact same moment.

  • Feeling a strong physical pull to touch and be close, whether in a romantic or platonic setting.

  • Having the same dreams at night, and frequently appearing in each other’s dreams. Sometimes your dreams will only overlap in theme, but the core message and feeling will be similar.

  • Feeling like you can easily communicate without speaking out loud. A simple glance will often be enough to tell you what your twin flame thinks about what’s going on around you.

  • Understanding complex or hidden parts of each other. This can be uncomfortable and confronting, but it can also be deeply liberating and validating.

  • Sharing some of the same vulnerabilities and weaknesses. You may see some of your old faults in your twin flame, or have some of your present difficulties highlighted by the way this person behaves.

  • Feeling like it’s safe and natural to be your authentic self around this person. For example, even if you’re normally shy, a twin flame will quickly make you feel comfortable enough to just be you.


7 Twin Flames Stages


Meeting a twin flame is a special, life-altering moment! However, it’s only the beginning of what is in store for both of you. Encountering one another kick-starts a dynamic new part of your life; one that will facilitate growth, inspire change and challenge you to fully accept yourself. Think of encountering your twin flame as the first step on a journey.

We’ll explore each of the twin flame stages in turn, and look at the connection between twin flame symptoms and each of these crucial stages. Some are primarily associated with wonderful experiences while others can be emotionally arduous, but all of them are necessary parts of encountering the other half of yourself. There are seven major twin flame steps to the process. Nonetheless, be aware that you may go through them at a slow or faster rate than other people will.

Stage 1. The Search

The search stage involves a strong sense of yearning and an acute awareness that something is lacking in your life. Even if you’ve never really thought about soul mates and twin flames before, this is the stage at which you begin to believe that there really is a perfect match out there for you. In all likelihood, you’ll doubt this feeling at first; you may feel unsure about what you should do with it, but at the deepest level, you will find it impossible to shake the conviction that you will meet “the one”.

The search stage is also partly about preparing your life for the incoming arrival of your twin flame, even though you may not know why you are doing this. For example, you may start a journal, engage in therapy, or work to find closure after past relationships. On an unconscious level, you know that all of these things are necessary if you are to welcome your twin flame.

Stage 2. The Awakening

As noted above in the discussion of soulmate signs, you tend to just know when you’ve encountered your twin flame. This second, awakening stage is where you physically meet, and the awareness of your compatibility hits you head on. This will often be a chance encounter that is full of coincidences and little signs that your meeting was destined to take place.

Sometimes, you won’t be together for very long, but even brief contact is enough to make you aware that something special is happening. It’s also worth noting that the awakening can take place in a dream, meaning that you “meet” your twin flame in the dreamscape before you ever cross paths in real life. Regardless of how you meet, you will be shaken by the intensity of the bond you feel. You may feel intoxicated by it, and find that all of your waking moments are occupied by thoughts of this person.

Stage 3. The Test

The test stage of a twin flame experience is defined by trying to understand your relationship with this other person. It is all about establishing boundaries, testing your limitations, and moving past the purely blissful experience of initially falling in love.

This stage will only occur once you’ve had enough time to enjoy a “honeymoon” phase. Plus, this stage is crucial if you are going to have a more meaningful, long-term relationship. For example, it is at this point that you will negotiate what your future will look like, and will begin to notice what may constitute obstacles to that future.

Although you are destined to know and love each other, you will still engage in conflicts (in the same way that before you met your twin flame, you engaged in conflict with other parts of yourself). Whether and how you resolve these conflicts, will define whether you’ll be able to stay together.

Stage 4. The Crisis

While twin flame love can be euphoric, it also inevitably involves a crisis stage. While this is often unpleasant, the good news is that it can also catalyze a deeper, more stable bond in the longer term. This stage involves significant anxiety and worries about your bond with your twin flame, and the crisis can be just about anything. It may be related to grief, betrayal, struggles with self-love or any number of other things that put pressure on your connection with your twin flame.

In spite of the supernatural compatibility of twin flames, this is often a point at which the two people decide to separate (a process that is extra painful given that it involves giving up a part of yourself). However, if you can get through the next few stages, you will emerge stronger than ever before.

Stage 5. The Running Or Chasing Stage

No matter what form the crisis stage takes, it is always followed by a running or chasing stage. You may be in either role, and you and your twin flame may switch back and forward between the two roles. This stage revolves around one twin flame distancing themselves, often out of fear of confronting the level of intimacy that the two of you are capable of experiencing. The twin in this role will be in pain and will feel very defensive and resistant. Meanwhile, the other twin flame will give chase, believing that the bond is worth fighting for and working on.

This stage can only end up when the running twin stops trying to get away, and the chasing twin stops trying to push. Often, the end of this stage is characterized by both twin flames realizing that there are forces at work beyond their control.

Stage 6. The Surrender

In the surrender stage, both of you will start to give up on a previous need to control your relationship. In this context, surrendering isn’t about giving up on your connection, but rather about accepting that neither of you can escape from destiny. This can be a positive realization that releases you both from past anxieties and allows you to better live in the moment, trusting that the universe will lead you to where you need to go.

Do note that it’s only possible to progress through the surrender stage if both of you work on the issues that led to the crisis and the running/chasing stages. For many people, the core issue here relates to the fact that twin flames are mirrors. So, often, the things you will need to work through are the negative feelings you have about yourself, which are reflected back to you in the eyes of your twin.

Stage 7. The Reunion and Joining

When you and your twin flame move on to the reunion stage, you’ll have a sense of relief at the fact that balance is being restored. In going through the previous, challenging stages, you’ll have learned a lot about yourselves and about the potential attached to the unique kind of love you have found. 

For some twin flames, this reunion will be physical in nature. For example, the two of you may finally come back to the same place, agreeing to share a home, or finally physically consummating your bond. Irrespective of the particular form the reunion takes, it carries with it a sense of peace, acceptance and reciprocal understanding.

If you can weather the more tumultuous parts of your journey, twin flame energy inevitably leads both parties to this joining stage. After the reunion, the hard work is over; all you need to do now is live, enjoying the sense of completeness that can only be found in each other’s companionship.  (all paragraphs from lawsofattraction.com)

What is a Twin Flame?

I have never really believed the concepts I have read before about Twin Flames, so I decided to sit down with my spirit guides and ask them. What is a Twin Flame really all about??

This is what they said….

When you reach a certain level of consciousness or a higher frequency level in one life, your soul has to split into two in order to come back down into a physical body. This means that there are essentially two of you roaming the earth. Both of you are in a way, half the energy that you originally were. (all paragraphs from foreverconscious.com)

This other half of your energy is your Twin Flame, and when the two of you cross paths or meet it is like you instantly feel whole again.

So, where does that leave soul mates? Soul mates are cut from the same cloth. Imagine a huge blanket of energy and your soul is cut out of that blanket. The other souls that come from the same blanket as you are soulmates and can be friends, family and lovers.

(all paragraphs from foreverconscious.com)

A Twin Flame however is when that single cut, or that single soul begins getting bigger and bigger to the point where it needs to be cut itself into two different energies. Once these two Twin Flame energies finally merge again, no matter how many cycles of reincarnation it takes, the cloth gets bigger and eventually forms new souls. Think of it like a seed, spreading and creating more flowers as it germinates.


This energetic split does not happen to everyone. It only happens to those who have reached a certain frequency or level of consciousness.

In each “twin” there is a magnet that sort of attracts the two of you together (like attracts like), and you can meet at any time, at any stage of your life journey.  When you come together, the relationship is very, very intense. This is because you are not only dealing with the “baggage” in your own mind and body but you also have to deal with your “baggage” in another body. 

(all paragraphs from foreverconscious.com)

This means that the two of you not only see yourself in each other, but you also see your opposite traits and flaws. Almost like looking into each other is like looking into a mirror. To get an idea of how intense the relationship would be, think about all the baggage that you have to deal with in your own mind and in the container of your own body. Well, imagine having two of those containers- it’s like there is double or even quadruple the “baggage” to sort through.


Now, this doesn’t mean Twin Flame relationships won’t work. They can definitely work, and the two of you can definitely live together in harmony however, this is all dependent on whether the two of you have learnt to love yourselves first. Because essentially, your Twin flame is you. Twin Flame relationships are usually romantic because there is an attraction on all levels, including a sexual attraction. Twin Flame relationships do not have to be male -female, they can also be male-male and female-female.

When you meet your Twin Flame, there is an instant feeling of “knowing” and connection. People might comment that you look alike or that you look “good together.” Often, the two of you will have very similar personalities and reflect the light and shadow sides of each other. Sometimes you may not be able to recognize your Twin Flame because you have not been able to regain the same level of consciousness you acquired before you split into two.

(all paragraphs from foreverconscious.com)

Think of it this way- you live one lifetime understanding a higher frequency and higher vibration, but suddenly you loose half of this and come into physical form with half the energy or consciousness you once had. This can manifest in your early childhood years as feeling out of place, like you don’t belong, frustrated about the world and highly inquisitive. You may even feel depressed or have an awakening early on. You may also have highly enlightened visions or thoughts at a young age, even if you were not exposed to it.

Being at a lower frequency or vibration and having to regain your “consciousness” is a challenge that you have to overcome this time around, and sometimes it can take multiple lifetimes in order to reach the stage that you were once at. As soon as your Twin Flame is created, you enter Earth at the same time or within a few years of each other. The only exception to this would be if you have had to reincarnate multiple times in order to properly connect with each other.

(all paragraphs from foreverconscious.com)

If you have a Twin Flame you will meet in every lifetime, regardless of your level of consciousness. But, whether the two of you can make it work will depend on your frequency and essentially how much you have learnt to love yourself unconditionally.

(all paragraphs from foreverconscious.com)

Essentially it all comes back to self-love.

Twin Flame Separation – Why It Happens and Why It Haunts Us

Twin flame separation is not like typical relationship breakdown.

When we separate from our flames it’s as though our entire lives have been shattered. The deep and intense love that we feel towards our twin flames makes any form of split agonizing and almost unbearable.

Having received so many stories from lost souls over the years about twin flame separation, I thought I’d finally write about this topic. Being in a twin flame relationship myself, I’ve experienced how overwhelming, intimidating and terrifying it can get, and how insufferable it is to separate – even just temporarily.

(all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

Before you read on, please ensure that you aren’t in a co-dependent or unhealthy relationship. The difference between twin flame relationships and co-dependent relationships, is that twin flames relationships are defined by respect, equality, negotiation, and healthy boundaries. On the other hand, co-dependent relationships are characterized by feeling trapped, unequal, devalued and reliant on the other for a sense of self-worth. Unfortunately, it is possible to confuse co-dependency with twin flame love. Please be careful about confusing the two.

5 Causes of Twin Flame Separation

One of the most painful stages is the twin flame relationship that of the “Runner and Chaser.” After the initial stages of ecstatic union and fairy-tale partnership, things start to heat up. Egos begin to clash. Core wounds, insecurities, and traumas are rubbed raw. Shadow Selves lash out.

As a result, it’s inevitable that almost every twin flame relationship battles through drama and dysfunction at first. Understandably, this comes as a devastating shock. What happened to the perfect, rosy relationship paradise where everything was kisses and cuddles? At this point, many twin flame couples wind up confused and disorientated. Was it all a lie? Was it all an illusion? The answer is “no.” The intensity you experienced was not a figment of your imagination. The sense of familiarity and déjà vu you felt wasn’t a mystical apparition. It was real. Don’t doubt it. It’s simply buried under the layers of your damaged egos. (all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

It could be said that the sole purpose of twin flame relationships is to help us soulfully mature and become the best versions of ourselves possible. In fact, despite how difficult they can be, twin flame relationships are so powerful because they are catalysts of growth. Our twin flames help to ruthlessly expose the dark, disowned, fractured parts of ourselves that we’ve hidden away. Not only that, but our twin flames provoke our inner growth by unintentionally (or intentionally) irking us. The anger we feel towards them is only really a reflection of the anger we feel towards ourselves. 

Sometimes one, or both partners in a twin flame relationship become so infuriated and incapable of co-existing that they separate. What is the cause of twin flame separation? We’ll see below:

(all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

1. Psychological and spiritual immaturity

Life is a process of growth. Not only do our physical bodies grow, but our inner selves grow as well. One of the primary causes of twin flame separation is immaturity. When we’re immature, we have low emotional intelligence meaning that we struggle to identify, manage and cope with our emotions and those of others. Not only that, but spiritual immaturity thrives in proportion to the stubbornness and magnitude of the ego. In other words, the bigger the ego self, the less harmony there is. The ego wants to believe itself to be charming, magnificent, all-knowing, and perfect. But when it is challenged in any way, shape, or form, there is hell to pay.

Almost all of us are ruled by the ego-self – if we weren’t, we’d be enlightened. But not all egos are the same. There are strong egos, and there are weak egos. The stronger an ego is, the more likely it is to run away from a person or situation which makes it feel impotent. Twin flame relationships are one such place. In fact, twin flame relationships are essentially made to dissolve the ego … and the ego despises that.

(all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

2. Lack of self-love and respect

The major requirement necessary for functioning smoothly in a twin flame relationship seems to be self-love. For example, before Sol and I met, we both worked on loving and accepting the people we were. This is also true for other successful twin flame partnerships.

Without learning how to love yourself first, there can be no genuine love for others. Instead, the love is tainted with neediness, co-dependency and “conditions.” We can never give unconditional love to our partners without first showing fierce unconditional love towards ourselves. As a result of this, some twin flame relationships unfortunately crumble under the weight of insecurity and self-hatred.

(all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

3. More life lessons need to be learned

Life needs to prepare you before you enter a twin flame relationship. Sometimes this means that you need to enter other relationships, establish new friendships, or expand your life experience (travel, volunteer, get a new job) before you’re ready. This is all a matter of trial and error. Some circumstances will bestow you with gentle insight, and others will leave you crushed and fighting for air. Whatever the case, don’t shut yourself off from the world. The more you test your boundaries, the more you learn.

4. Healing needs to occur

Sometimes our twin flames show up at a point in life when we are suffering immensely. Our suffering may come from a tragedy, death, form of abuse or even another relationship breakup. We may not emotionally be in a place to open up yet. Therefore, a process of healing may be necessary first. 

(all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

5. It’s just not the time yet

Life can be mysterious. Sometimes twin flame separation occurs because the moment in time isn’t right. Sometimes other journeys need to be completed, and other people need to be met. Sometimes we don’t even know the reason why. The best thing to do in this situation is to surrender. This can be extremely hard, but trust that the experience will help you grow stronger and wiser. Who knows what the future brings?

Losing your twin flame is one of the hardest things you will ever experience. (all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

Whether through death, circumstance or the inability to coexist together, twin flame separation is a nightmare.

The absence you feel is profoundly incapacitating.

The loss you struggle with is like black quicksand.

Your crushed hopes and dreams cling to you like shrapnel.

You walk through life feeling empty, numb, lost.

There is nothing in life that can quite compare to the deep and intense grief of losing your beloved.

(all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)


There are many different stages that twin flames consecutively go  through in order to come to a divine union.  It’s never easy.
There can be many obstacles that can sometimes be brutal when it comes to the separation. (all paragraphs from, 

Runner & Chaser stages.
Although you may have tried to cut off this connection, disconnect, and even date others, you will not be successful. But yet, you always have them in your heart and find yourself back with this person as soon as they return and you are right back to where you were before the separation stages. 

When you are separated from your twin flame, it feels as if the world is ending and nothing can bring back that beautiful feeling that you were sharing, unless you are with your twin.

(all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

Twin flame separation is not exactly a true separation.

Energetically and spiritually they are still connected.
Your spiritual energies need to be purified, released and surrendered any type of negativity that pulls your vibration down. Accepting your divine soul connection is the first key with merging into the physical union. Your soul will continuously try to bring you back together as one. It’s like a magnetic pull, constantly finding both to a higher 5D level.

There are many lessons to be learned in coping with a twin flame connection. The biggest lesson is the illusion of the physical separation. As long as twin flames are still on the earth, they can always come to a divine union at anytime. The healing process can take time.

(all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

Twin flames are very powerful and intense connections.


That teach us and help us to heal spiritually. Many times, there is an ego-based energy and they feel that they don’t need any more healing and are ready for an union. Actually, there is another layer that they need to reflect on, since we are all human, healing being an  ongoing process. It’s part of the Twin flame healing that has to happen.

They first need to come to an awakening, healing and realize where they are at energetically, deep inside their spirit. There could also be some narcissist behavior patterns as I mentioned in a previous blog article. Not necessarily meaning that they are truly a narcissist.

How do you know if it isn’t over?
As we all have free will and free to choose our path in life,  you will know deep in your core that it is an over and no matter how much you try to move on, you will receive a numerous amount of signs from the universe.

They can show up in numbers (1111,2222 and etc.), feathers,  your twin’s name coming up everywhere. The signs can be endless, not mention the dreams and visions that you may get.

Though you may be dating others and even get into a deep relationship, your twin flame will always be the center of your core and no one will ever take the place of what you felt for your twin.

(all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

Remember that you both are on this journey together and you both of you have to do the work.


It’s all about balance and healing together throughout your soul centers, to come back into that beautiful union that you once were at spiritually.  Working on yourself is a 24/7 process, in order to clear out impurities that you accumulate from the negativity around you. This is why it’s important to keep your energy clear and your vibration continuously moving higher.


As you clear the way and certain degrees of negativity, we all have free will with energy that fluctuates. It’s very difficult to get an accurate time on how long the separation and when divine union take place, there is so much healing energy that they need to go through.

Twin flames are all unique and go through many different healing stages that are not all alike. Twin flames can go through the “dance “ that may sometimes be very painful at first, but a divine purpose in order for them to learn valuable lessons so that they can come to a divine union.

(all paragraphs from, lonerwolf.com)

Why hasn’t the divine union happened?
Because you both are not ready and that there is still healing and work to do. You and your twin need to manifest and with your connection, there is so much of self reflection and releasing that is necessary to get past the challenges and struggles they face together.

We have more than one soulmate and sometimes the twin flame is not destined to enter in our life times. We are then destined to be with a divine partner (soulmate) that can actually have a higher vibration like the twin flame.

It’s never ideal to search and seek for your Twin Flame or any Soul Connection. Focusing on who is sent to you at the current time will manifest the healing process that will draw your Divine Soulmate into your life.


Twin Flames – Understanding the True Purpose and the Energetic Dynamics

Remark: This article contains a lot of information, which is valid for people in their ascension process, who are not in a Twin Flame connection just the same. By no means this article intends to prefer Twin Flames over any other type of soul connection. It is written with the Twin Flame focus to assist people going through this very challenging process, and to create a better understanding of what is happening. If you are in a twin flame dynamic, all this information might be overwhelming first. Let it settle in and feel into you and reread it. In many cases, you will come back to this article later again. We have to learn and take in a lot in a short time to be prepared to be a wayshower, leading by inspiration, but also have to be patient with ourselves while going through this process.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

You meet this person, look them into the eyes and are sucked in like by a tractor beam. The magnetic feeling is so intense – nothing you have ever experienced before. And you know: This is what I have been searching, what I have been waiting for my whole life. Now I am going to live happily ever after. I have found the person that makes me whole, the one that completes me. Right?

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Nope! The Twin Flame journey is not about romance in the first place, and we have to learn that the hard way. Especially in the beginning, when the just described bubble love phase ends abruptly. Our egos kick back in when we return into 3D reality and a painful push and pull becomes the new normal, in most cases ending in a painful separation. It does not really help to have the other person in our mind 24/7. We feel like going insane with all the fears, worries, doubts and symptoms showing up, and we are asking ourselves: “What is it that I have gotten into here and why can I not let go of this?”

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)


There have been many articles written about the twin flame phenomenon, the process and the stages we are going through, so no need to repeat this here. One thing that is not written much about although it is so important to understand, is the purpose and especially the energetic dynamics between twin flames and how they work. Understanding those two and learning the language of energy will help immensely to move forward in this journey.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Why are Twin Flames here?

We often mistake the twin flame connection as a romantic experience, because the feelings are so intense. It is nothing we have ever experienced before, yet our ego-mind tries to relate it to something we know: Having fallen madly in love. That is not it.
Being a couple can be the icing on the cake at a later stage. But before we can have that, there is much work to do. The quicker we let go of this idea for now, the faster we move forward. The bubble love phase, these beautiful and intense connection where we get lost in space and time, and we just run on these amazing vibes we feel becomes our personal bait, the carrot in front of our nose pulling us forward. It is kind of like the Universe is saying: “Here is what you can have, get a little taste of paradise on earth.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

This is how living in the Fifth dimension feels like. But now: Back into 3D with you and get to work.” It seems to be the cruelest thing to us to lose what we wanted and love most. We are left alone, we feel abandoned, unwanted and completely confused and devastated. We start chasing the other person or running away. We are searching for answers, stumble upon the first articles on twin flames and learn that this is different from what we have experienced before. We are kicked into the spiritual world, and we awaken on speed to a new reality. It is a roller coaster ride we have never experienced before and we just want it to end. All we want is to be with that person.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

We just don’t know how, because our head is trying to find solutions on a 3D/ego/mind level within the learned behavioral patterns and templates. There is one thing guaranteed though: We will never find our answers from a 3D/ego-mind perspective. Everything we had learned and taken on from the 3D matrix programming through societal conventions, education, school, church, the news, the governments, marketing etc. does not apply to this experience. Even more than that: The twin flame journey forces us to drop all of it. Only then a reunion becomes possible. We will explore further why this is the case.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Twin Flames are leaders – in a spiritual sense, not in a status/ego sense. It is a leadership by inspiration, showing a way of life that is completely different to the old paradigm of 3D.  We are leaving the breadcrumbs for people to start their own quest back to their true authentic self and essence. 

To understand what that really means and why we are feeling pushed to transform and change so much, we have to take a closer look into the true purpose of twin flames:

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Purpose Number 1: Building and strengthening the New Earth Energetic Grid

Twin Flames go on a search when they are going through the painful experience of the push and pull and separation phase. This phase has not only the purpose to heal (remember our wholeness) the individuals, it also serves to connect with other twins all over the world to exchange on experiences, assisting and supporting each other in the process, and in their different missions (they are fun, not a burden!). We are finding our tribe and are cooperating and co-creating with each other. Twins and other way-showers, gatekeepers and gridkeepers are strategically positioned all over the planet to hold, anchor, and build important locations / gates to support the distribution of the new energy all over earth. Some will be positioned permanently in one spot, building new community models, new ways of autark living, new ways of education, new ways of economy etc., while others are travellers – always ready to follow the next calling into the next region where light and love is needed.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Purpose Number 2: Supporting Ascension of the Planet and Humanity

Twin Flames have incarnated at this crucial time on earth to assist the planet’s and humanity’s ascension. They are walking side by side with other ascended beings (There are tons of labels for them: star seeds, earth angels, lightworkers, gridworkers, gatekeepers, etc…) to assist raising the planet’s and humanity’s frequency. Twins, already before meeting the partner, carry a very high frequency code within, which gets activated after the first encounter in the physical, when the energies that have been separated for so long, reconnect. It is an explosion of pure unconditional love, a nuclear reaction. That is why it feels so unbelievably fantastic.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

This high vibe has nothing to do with romance, the energy supports and amplifies the embodiment of the higher dimensional frequencies, and prepares the ground to build a new earth. The more the frequency is established, the more the collective is forced to shift, too. We are here to support this transmutation by transforming low frequencies into high frequencies to free the planet from its 3D illusions and pain. Each twin and awakening being that is doing the inner transformation is adding to the quantum field of unconditional love, which accelerates the ascension of the planet and everything and everyone on it. Vice versa, we also ground the higher dimensional blueprints to manifest as new earth onto the planet.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Purpose Number 3: Healing the Family Lineage and the Collective

Twin flames often incarnate into very dysfunctional families with a large imbalance of masculine and feminine energies. It can be either very abusive or very overprotected. Twin flames chose to experience living in an imbalance to understand how this feels like, as it is needed to assist others to ascend later on. When twins awaken and understand their true purpose and start healing (remembering their wholeness), this has an effect on the whole family lineage.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Twins shift the energetic field and timeline for the whole genetic past. In the embodiment phase, they are also releasing everything that is still stored in the physical cells (cellular memory) and clear it so that the children incarnating through this lineage in the future will be born into the high vibes of 5D and beyond, and onto New Earth directly. There will be no karma left. The same counts for healing collective pain. When twins have healed enough themselves and have gotten used to the transmutation process of energy, which happens through our heart centers, they will automatically participate more and more in transmuting energy for the planet.  This will feel awkward in the beginning, as we suddenly experience emotions from out of nowhere, nevertheless – they just run through us and we do not engage in them – as we have no resonance to the drama of the old world anymore. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)


Purpose Number 4: Establishing new Relationship and Family Templates

Twins are here to build inspiring showcases to the world to show how life can be very different from what was known before. We offer completely new perspectives that have nothing to do with the old, as it is based on a new source code of oneness, not on duality/separation. Life on New Earth is based on authenticity, freedom and self-love for the individual, and oneness, compassion, and unconditional sharing within the community. All of this becomes possible, when human ego has been transformed into a free spirit and the hearts have been fully opened to unconditional love.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

This will lead to a complete absence of fear. On New Earth, feminine and masculine energies are in complete balance. And it starts within us. The feminine, the creative will prepare the fertile ground from the heart and deliver the possibilities and ideas, while the masculine part as the creator will focus, set clear intentions and implement. Twins are first to reach this balance within themselves, and then support spreading this via ripple effect and the connection to twins all over the planet. Twins are anchoring the new relationship and family templates, free from co-dependencies, duties, contracts, compromise. In a world without fear and insecurity, where everyone is valued for what they are, unconditional loving and living will be the new normal.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Purpose Number 5: Establishing new Societal Templates

Closely related to the relationship and family templates are general societal templates for the fifth dimension. Also these will be completely based on authenticity, compassion, freedom of the individual, healthy interdependency, oneness, and unconditional sharing. Honesty will be self-evident. Today, when you ask people to not tell a lie for one day, most would not be able to do so, because our ego uses lies as a means of self-defense. This will be a thing of the past. We will show a new way of living in harmony.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Communities that care for each other out but honor and respect the individual aspects of each and everyone. The same counts for economy. Imagine a world without ego and honoring our natural form of being in complete balance. We would not need fashion, fancy cars, fancy watches, make up, cosmetics, shampoo, deodorant etc. Test it yourself and walk down a shopping street and count the shops you would truly need on New Earth and which ones would drop away. Amazing, huh? We won’t even need money anymore when everyone does what they love and shares it with the whole organism.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Another thing of the past will be governments and democracy. As each and everyone is going to return to full auto-responsibility, and back to following natural impulses and flow – there will be no need for someone taking control and take over responsibility for the collective. There will be nothing to fight or discuss about, as everyone is happy and appreciated for who they are and what they contribute. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Now that we have learned what the purpose of twin flames is, we know what we are being prepared for. We have to dive a bit further into the Twin Flame dynamics and process to understand what is happening for us and why this process is so challenging and painful in the beginning. And – it is very important to understand how these dynamics work from an energetic point of view so that we can use it to move forward quickly and come into a state of inner peace and balance.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Insight Number 1 – Your Twin is You

This is what many struggle with to understand when still in 3D thought and believe patterns. We slip into a victim role, we blame, we judge, we go into the “he said – she said” game and we are focused on the other person, only seeing their alleged fears and problems they need to solve. Well, scratch that. The sooner, the better. Of course, it is your choice. If you enjoy the 3D templates and the push and pull dynamics and the running and chasing game, then stick with it. There is only one guarantee: A permanent reunion with your twin will not be possible that way, and you will remain in an infinite loop of despair, longing and pain. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

We have to understand, that our twin is us. We are one energy field in two bodies, we share the same energetic signature like puzzle pieces clicking into each other. So what we blame or judge him or her for, we blame ourselves for. They are our ultimate mirror and they give us exactly what we need for our own healing and growth. That is not always what our ego wants… So when you are blaming them for ignoring you, why are you ignoring yourself? When you complain about them not being honest about their feelings, where are you not honest yourself? This by the way prepares us to see the much bigger picture of oneness. It is not just the twin that we are one with – we are one with everything and everyone in this universe, and as we keep on evolving, we see more and more of this bigger truth. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Insight Number 2 – It is all about You

Closely related to that is that we have to learn that it is always about us. And when we have understood that we are one it makes sense, right? If we heal us, we heal both parts. Nothing happens to us, everything happens for us. 

There is no me or him/her. There is only us. And the faster we focus on ourselves, on our own issues, our own healing, the quicker we will raise the frequency for us, our twin and humanity and feel much more balanced and whole. Working with our inner child, our ego and learning the language of energy in order to transmute fear frequencies into love frequencies through gratitude and forgiveness are three key aspects.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

This process pushes us to become our true divine self and drop

everything that is not authentic about us. It is triggering us until we have pealed off every conditioned layer and belief, and have found back to self-love. A state of being without any self-doubt, hurt, insecurities or other fears. Our ego loves to step in here and say – why do I have to do all the work and the other part is not taking any effort? Well, read the next insight to get a clearer perspective.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Insight Number 3 – the Feminine is in the Lead

Once we have understood this, the second part to integrate into our awareness are the traits of the feminine and the masculine energies. The feminine energy is the creative energy. She creates with her intuition, and her heart. She is preparing the energy field and is setting a certain frequency. Then, the masculine energy, the creator energy, can follow with focus and commitment and manifest. It can never be the other way around. So if you are the more feminine part in the connection (carrying a bigger portion of feminine energy, which is independent from gender), you have to really take that in. If you are waiting for your twin to finally heal and get it – you will wait until the cows come home.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

This will never happen, as s/he will simply follow your energy. If your intention in the energetic field is waiting or acting out of fear – s/he will do the same. If you set the intention to move forward, change things, step into your mission, drop fears and parts that are not authentic about you, follow your true hearts desires, s/he will do the same. And you do not have to talk to him or her in the physical about this at all. As you are connected energetically through your heart centers, you will inspire him or her energetically. The more you find your inner reunion, the less you will still need/pull the energy from him or her.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

That also means, that you make less and less energy available to him to “suck” from. As the more feminine part, we shift and transmute our fear/trauma patterns first, and then the masculine can follow. The more feminine part prepares the fertile ground, creates the circumstances energetically to pave the way for manifestation. Always. Understand that the more masculine part needs you to do your job so that they can do theirs. A reunion becomes only possible when both have done their job. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Insight Number 4 – Silence is Golden

A lot of confusion always comes up about the forced separation for twin flames. What we have to understand is, that this separation is guided by our soul and has its purpose. Our soul wants us to focus on ourselves and our own issues and healing. The transformation happens a lot quicker if we are not distracted by the presence of our partner, and are permanently in a situation where we pull energy from each other. That is co-dependency, and exactly what we are meant to overcome.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Moreover, we have to understand, that our body is not ready to be able to stand these intense high frequencies we experienced in the bubble love phase for long, as we still carry a lot of old baggage and low fear frequencies. The friction between those two frequencies is too strong. Being with our twin would mean that we would simply burn out and our system would collapse.  Therefore: Recognize the gift of silence for your ultimate good, and use this time to focus on your own work instead of wasting energy into chasing, and running away from your own lessons and job this way.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)​

Insight Number 5– Our Inner Child is a Key Holder

When we started our journey on earth, it did not take long until we were completely caught up in the 3D game, and programmed with false belief systems and templates. We took for granted what we learned. Everything was based on scarcity and competition. Being not good enough and having to be better, jump higher, perform more… that was our reality. We did not question that maybe what schools, churches, governments, the industries, etc. taught us was not so true after all.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

So while growing up in our childhood, we were wounded and hurt because all of this programming was not in line with our true essence. Our fears and traumas that we experience today stem from that time. When we face a certain situation our system recalls the memory of the past and reacts with the same protective strategy we came up with as a child. That results in anger attacks, crying, manipulating etc.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

We end up in the same mess again and again until we realize that we have to empower our inner child to get rid of the pattern. And no one is better in triggering our inner child than our twin so that we recognize it and heal it. The inner child, when still in sabotage mode, is the nurturer of the ego, giving it the fear patterns it needs to keep us in fear. When we make our inner child our best friend and get it to trust us completely, the ego cannot get any energy and is forced to transform into a higher frequency. Fear patterns are reprogrammed into love patterns this way. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Insight Number 6 – Acting out Emotions is good!

Another big distorted programming of the 3D Matrix is that acting out emotions is inappropriate. Crying, screaming, shaking, but also loud laughing or singing in public is simply inadequate in this ego-based society. What we have to understand is that acting out emotions is a good thing! It is a natural reflex that we have for a reason. It is like energetic puking. Children naturally use that reflex. If they have an energy in their system that does not belong there, they scream, they cry or shake to release it right away. And everything is cool again a couple of minutes later. (all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Until we teach them that it is not okay to behave that way. So we keep all this toxic energy in our system and our emotional body gets an overload up to a point that can lead to serious depression. It starts passing on dense energies into the physical body, which stores it. At some point, it will manifest as muscle pains, inflammations first, and can lead to serious illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes etc. So instead of blaming ourselves when we feel like crying or screaming, we need to turn it around and learn that we have to be thankful for the possibility to release it. We learn to allow emotions constructively, without going into the drama. (all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Compare it with a fish poisoning. Your stomach reacts with a natural reflex to throw up. If you fight that reflex and keep the food in your stomach, you can get very sick and even die. Do yourself a huge favor and instead of blaming yourself, enjoy emotional releases with a big “Thanks that I can let that go now for good”. That again transmutes the energy to a high frequency immediately. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Insight Number 7 – Start your Mission now

Don’t wait until your twin is ready to be with you to start your mission you came here for. That means to discover your essence, and do what you love! You are supposed to reach a state of wholeness individually. The Universe requires transformation and change, not waiting until you are both ready. You are here with specific gifts and tasks. Explore your childhood and personality to find out what they are and who you truly are and start sharing your talents with the world to inspire others.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

It does not have to be big, just by putting yourself out there, you are already causing a ripple effect. Redirecting energies into something useful helps again to transmute energies to high frequencies of love and compassion. Move forward with your life as if reunion was not happening and you are happy and whole on your own, but know in your heart that your twin will join once all energy blockages between the two of you are cleared. And remember: Your mission is fun, because you do what makes you thrive. As soon as it feels heavy and not in the flow, you know you are not in the frequency you want to be in. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Insight Number 8– We are Transformers

When we have learned to release emotions with gratitude, we have had our first lesson in alchemy. Because that is how transmutation of low frequencies into high frequencies works. Through gratitude and forgiveness instead of blame and judgement, we raise the vibration quickly. This requires to take a different perspective and see the benefit in every situation: What does it teach me, what do I recognize about myself and for my own growth? Who did I meet that is important now to me that I would not have met?… When we take a 5D view on things, we recognize the perfection and purpose in all our experiences and encounters. By learning the language of energy, understanding the universal laws and the process of creation, we recognize that we always have the steering wheel and we can choose if we want to go down the road of fear or drive up the highway of love.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Once we have learned this transmutation on a micro level, we will automatically start participating in doing this on a larger level for the planet. Although it might feel awkward in the beginning, and can bring you some quite intense heart burns, it becomes something so normal that you will not even realize anymore when you are doing it. You become a walking purifier. We are starting to understand, that we are part of a larger organism. Maybe now you can feel with liver cells and what they have to go through when they have to process all the toxic alcohol after heavy drinking and cleanse the physical body from it  

 Apart from that, we also transmute and translate the other way around. We are anchoring the high frequencies that are available in the higher dimensions, by transforming them into a frequency where we can keep them in the physical realm.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

So please be aware, the battle between darkness and light is not an open war as we would imagine it to be. It is a battle that is taking place within each and every one of us  and it is our choice what we support with our energy: Choose wisely. Choose love. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)


Insight Number 9 – We had to go through 3D School

Often we ask ourselves – why do I have to go through all this pain? As already mentioned, many twins chose very dysfunctional families to incarnate into on purpose. Why? Besides the experience of the imbalance between masculine and feminine energies, an important reason for that is to fully understand the 3D programming and to experience for ourselves how duality feels and how it works. We had to understand that whole system in order to be able to hack it, infect it and reprogram it with our light and love. Only that way, we are able to develop a compassion for those that are going through the same experience, and we can through their ego behavior straight into their heart and essence, to hold the space for them on their individual journey. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Insight Number 10 – Your old Life is supposed to be destroyed

That is another tough one to understand. How often do we hear from twins: “My life was pretty stable and perfect until I met him/her and actually I was happy”.

Hm… sorry…. But is that really true? Why could someone then have such an impact on you, and you are ready in an instant to let your old life go? The twin flame journey is shaking you up for a purpose and challenges you to the deepest level. It forces you to find back to your unique essence, to become your most authentic self. This leads you into dropping everything that is not authentic about you and is not resonating with your inner truth. So everything you only did to please other people or fulfill others expectations will show up painfully until you let it go. (all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Everything you did to hide behind a mask is blowing up into your face. Most twins experience huge losses, such as money, your home, people. The more you fight this process, the harder it will get. We are tested if we trust the universal flow, despite dire circumstances, and whether we are attached to anything or anyone. We are challenged to drop all co-dependencies, contracts, etc. to reach complete freedom. We are driven to let go of the programmed beliefs and templates we took on and leave the 3D Matrix for good.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

There is no place on New Earth for these old energies and we realize we do not need any of it when we are happy and whole. In short: We are guided to find self-love to share it with our community. As we are all aspects of Source, self-love is the closest we can get to God, because we are God in form. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Insight Number 11 – Reunion is only possible on a very High Frequency Level

Once we have found self-love and feel completely connected to source and we have let go of all distorted programming, fears, trauma, inauthentic behavior etc., we have raised our frequency back to our natural frequency. Our original twin vibe. That is pure bliss and compassion. Pure Divine love. When we have reached that state, we have ascended. We are now happy and whole by ourselves. We do not need anyone else to be happy, but we carry so much love for us and thus for God, that all we want to do is share it with everyone. We see through all the illusions. Duality dissolves and we see the good and Divine perfection in everything. We are completely free and have detached from the Matrix and have awakened to the real reality.

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

We are enjoying life and love to share and inspire, without expecting anything from anyone. When we scream and cry it feels just as good as when we laugh, dance and sing. We have recognized what a great gift the twin flame journey is and are deeply grateful for everything it has brought to us. We live with ease,  we have completely surrendered, we trust the universal flow and we have let go of the expectation that reunion has to happen in this lifetime, as time and death loses its meaning, too.

And – that is exactly the moment when the door possibly opens and – when you least expect it, your twin is there, ready to join the dance. 

(all paragraphs from, thewakeupexperience.eu)

Twin Flame-- Friendzoned?

So you were friend-zoned by your Twin Flame. Is this really possible? Can Twin Flames just be friends and ignore the intense attraction and eternal romance between them? Jeff and Shaleia see this misconception flying around a lot in the wider Twin Flame community. The truth is that there is no such thing as a Twin Flame friend-zone.

(all paragraphs, from twinflamesuniverse.com)

Jeff knows he could never just be friends with Shaleia, and he doesn’t know how anyone could just be friends with their Twin Flame. You share the same Soul Blueprint and you have an eternal connection with your Twin Flame! That is not a recipe for the friend-zone.


Don’t worry, friendship is not the final stage on your Twin Flame journey. Read on to find out how friendship fits into the context of your Twin Flame Union, and why you can expect your Twin Flame to be your ultimate lover, not just a friend.

(all paragraphs, from twinflamesuniverse.com)

The Only Exception

There is only one case where this great, eternal love can be non-romantic, and this happens when there is a multiple Flame set. Most people on the planet though, like 99%, only have one Twin Flame, and that is their ultimate lover and partner. There is a rare exception when “Twin” Flames can come in a set of three or more. Jeff, Shaleia, and their third Twin Flame Grace are an example of this. Grace is Jeff and Shaleia’s daughter. 


There is a natural friendship that Shaleia experiences in both of her Unions, but the Union with Jeff is romantic while the Union with Grace is not. Multiple Flame sets can be larger than three, and in these Unions it is appropriate for some of the Twin Flames to be just friends. However, these are the very rare exceptions. You, dear reader, are unlikely to be one of these exceptions, so you don’t have to worry about this. (all paragraphs, from twinflamesuniverse.com)

The Norm

For most people, you have one Twin Flame, and that person is your lover. You can never be in a Twin Flame friend-zone with this person because friendship could never encompass all that your Union was designed to be. Friendship is an aspect of a Twin Flame Union, not the entirety of it. Friendships are limited to just hanging out and doing friend stuff, and that’s it. Can you only do that in a Twin Flame Union and have the Union be complete? Absolutely not, because you and your Twin Flame are designed by God as lovers.

That means you two are designed as intimate, romantic complements and you two are designed to have sex. Not “friends with benefits” sex, but “I want to romance you forever” sex. In fact, having sex with anyone who is not your Twin Flame is essentially having sex with a brother or sister. (all paragraphs, from twinflamesuniverse.com)

Because of how you’re designed, unless you fall under one of the rare exceptions mentioned above, your Twin Flame is your ultimate lover, not just your friend. So if you think things are not working out between you two and that you’re definitely just going to be friends with this person, you’re either with the wrong person (someone who is not your Twin Flame) or you’re not perceiving the relationship accurately.


Friendship is a building block of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, not a destination. There’s one caveat: your relationship with your ultimate lover is first built on friendship. 

(all paragraphs, from twinflamesuniverse.com)

Your Twin Flame is first your teacher and your friend, and then your partner, and then your ultimate lover. This is the hierarchy that you follow when developing your Union with your Twin Flame (though this doesn’t mean you have to “take it slow” by any means. It’s very normal and natural for things to move quickly within your Twin Flame relationship because you are One and time is an illusion. When you are ready, you are ready).

This hierarchy is a more accurate representation of the stages of your Twin Flame journey than the popular “runner/chaser dynamic” model, which is a complete myth. Jeff and Shaleia did not go through a “runner/chaser” phase and you don’t have to, either! For more information – click here. They did experience a period of separation, though, because of the thoughts and beliefs they were harboring at the time. When they finally met, they were friends first before they became lovers. (all paragraphs, from twinflamesuniverse.com)

How do you get out of separation?

During her search for her ultimate lover Shaleia went to many psychics, and did many card readings, and to her dismay she got the same answer every time: that she did not have a Twin Flame. This made Shaleia really sad and she thought she would have to resign herself to a soulmate relationship. But, that psychic information came through only because Shaleia was holding thoughts of separation in her consciousness, and these thoughts were out of alignment with her Twin Flame Union.

(all paragraphs, from twinflamesuniverse.com)

Refusing to settle for less, Shaleia worked with her spiritual teacher to clear those thoughts that were out of alignment with her Good, and the spiritual tool Shaleia and her teacher used was the Mirror Exercise. In no time at all, she manifested her false Twin Flame, which was an important learning experience for her.

Eventually, the Mirror Exercise helped Shaleia manifest her true Twin Flame, Jeff. They established an immediate friendship, which deepened into a lasting, romantic Harmonious Union as Jeff and Shaleia continued to do their spiritual work. You can learn more about the Mirror Exercise in the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. (all paragraphs, from twinflamesuniverse.com)

Remember, if you are experiencing mixed feelings about your ultimate lover and want to put them in the Twin Flame friend-zone, it just means you are holding thoughts that are out of alignment with your Union. When you resolve these outdated beliefs with the Mirror Exercise, you effortlessly vibrate to the frequency of your Union.


Get Yourself Out of the Twin Flame Friend-Zone

If you are experiencing being friend-zoned by your Twin Flame, don’t worry, you just have some blocks to clear! Your Union is inevitable.

(all paragraphs, from twinflamesuniverse.com)

Thank you, from Jeff and Shaleia